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About Us

The India-based Company Ganpati Jyotish Sansthan Pvt. Ltd. Ganpati Jyotish
Sansthan is a leading worldwide Astrology consultancy and service-product
provider. It has its head office in Faridabad ( Haryana ) India. It has taken more
than 3 decades of painstaking Astrology research, in-depth studies, dedication,
day-night Sadhana-practice, converting-interpreting some of the ancient Sanskrit
studies, Lal Kitab etc to modern-day life situations, brainstorming software Apps
and technologies etc, to reach at this supreme mark today. Ganpati Jyotish
provides the most accurate and highest quality in its Astrology products and
services. Today, Ganpati Jyotish is trusted by millions of people, with natives
from all parts of the world that benefit from it in their daily lives and in multi-
faceted life aspects.


What We Do

Free Prediction

Match Making

Stone Prediction

Career Prediction

Marriage Prediction

Business Problem

Gurudev Raj kumar ji is a famous Astrologer and Spiritual Leader. He is also
known as ‘GURU JI’ in the astrology circle. His latest Astrology creation, the
Ganpati Jyotish, is based on the in-depth, accurate knowledge of the Astrology,
and the Lal Kitab. . The main aim is to remove suffering, pain, worry, problems
etc from the lives of all individuals.
But Due to sudden accident He lost his memory at the age of 14 had completely
forgotten everything, His family and doctors had lost all hope that the memory would
never be come back. But nevertheless.
Then started researching the Vedic, and other holy books. He related these
astrology aspects and linked these to the practical scientific logics and real life
aspects. , GURUJI is also the author of Lal Kitab Amrit. GURUJI had the
opportunity to learn astrology under the guidance of 7 Guru’s (noble Masters)
starting in childhood. GURUJI learnt about the Lal Kitab book laws and other
astrology content in-depth.
GURUJI, overtime, also led onto becoming a renowned Astor-Scientist

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