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Ganpati Jyotish | Acharya Raj Kumar
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Acharya Raj Kumar

Acharya Raj Kumar is Astrologer in Sansthan (Ganpati jyotish Sansthan) is based on Astrology. Born in Patna of India, Acharya Raj Kumar followed the astrological remedies of the Holy-Book “LAL KITAB”.वास्तु , लाल किताब और वैदिक हस्तरेखा , वशीकरण ,ऊपरी चक्र , किया कराया , निःसंतान , शराब छुड़ाने,शादी न होना , वैवाहिक जीवन में प्रॉब्लम होना , घर का सुख न होना This same incident triggered him to enter astrology world, because from his childhood his grandfather many things taught about astrology “Vedic Gyan”. So, they leave their home to help the peoples and solve their problems by astrology. In this path, he also got the opportunity to work with Gurudev GD vashist and learn more about astrology knowledge. They had brilliant mind from his childhood and after the incident doctors advise him to talk more and more. So, they had start reading “Vedic Gyan”, “Spiritual Mantra” and get more knowledge about Astrology.